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Medicaid Spend Down Rules

Medicaid Spend Down Rules

For so many of us, aging means coming face-to-face with challenges that are frightening to us and to our families – our friends pass, our health begins to fail, our memory slowly seems to fade. As we age, we realize that our families may be forced to place us in a care facility and we grasp at a way to maintain our dignity. For the first time, we are facing our own mortality and we feel the need to make sense of our lives and to leave some type of legacy.  We can help with all of your questions.

If you have questions about….

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– Estate Planning
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– Personal and Financial Guardianship
– Assistance in the Medicaid Process
– Protecting your family in a non-crisis situation
– Aiding Aged and Disabled Veterans through the benefit process
– Assistance with Other Community Resources
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– Qualifications for medicaid
– What is medicaid spend down

Things like how to best manage the medicaid spend down requirements.

Example of the Medicaid “Spend Down”

Mrs. Smith enters an Ohio nursing home on December 1st, 2008. She is a single individual who previously lived in an assisted living facility. She has $50,000 in assets and is required to spend down to $1500 before she can qualify for Medicaid benefits.

An ODJFS caseworker told Mrs. Smith to spend her assets in this manner:
$35,000 for a handicapped equipped van
$10,000 for irrevocable funeral policy
$3500 for nursing home costs, leaving

At this point, her countable resources are at $1,500 and she has become eligible.